Collaboration with a student of the Aerospace Engineering excellence course of the University of Rome La Sapienza for the design of a flight computer for model rockets.

Rocket modeling is a specialty of modeling that deals with the creation of flying models of space vectors, rockets, missiles, reproductions or fantasy. They are made of lightweight materials and no homemade thrusters are used. There is also a recovery system that allows them to fly over and over again.

The project involves the creation of a flight computer with Arduino. The computer will take care of the initial power up, reveal the altitude and kinematic data such as acceleration, speed and displacement, GPS data and activate the recovery system. The system will be designed with Arduino and then optimized to reduce its size.

arduino flight
Credits: Wikipedia

I will mainly deal with the connection and reading of the digital sensors.

The project will allow me to hone these skills and learn more about flight dynamics.

Some insights into sensors