I finished the “Master Swedish in 300 Lessons: Learn Swedish & Speak Swedish” course held on the Udemy online platform.


The course allowed me to understand some phrases and how to behave, on a linguistic level, in some of the most common situations during a stay in Sweden.



The Swedish language ( svenska ) is a North Germanic language. It is spoken in Sweden, as an official language, and in some areas of Finland. It is descended from Old Norse and is currently the most widely spoken North Germanic language, with a total of over 13 million people.

The morphology is similar to that of the English language. Words undergo a minimal inflection and there are two genders beyond the distinction between singular and plural.

Course info

The course deals with the most common phrases for some typical situations such as:

  • Introducing yourself and meeting people
  • Basic situations such as counting, asking / telling the time, etc.
  • Expressing one’s views
  • Asking and give directions
  • Buy in shops
  • Order in restaurants
  • Book a hotel
  • Buy train and bus tickets

The course is presented in such a way as to introduce the different situations separately. For each topic it presents short sections of listening, writing and repeating sentences interspersed with a description of the situations and the different nuances of the expressions.

The course is clearly very useful however it requires to be accompanied by a study of grammar and language in a more academic way. Obvious should also be integrated with a lot of practice.