I started studying the Swedish language.

The Swedish language is a North Germanic language. It is spoken in Sweden, as an official language, and in some areas of Finland. It is descended from Old Norse and is most currently the North Germanic language spoken by a total of over 13 million people.

The morphology is similar to that of the English language. Words undergo a minimal inflection and there are two genders beyond the distinction between singular and plural.

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Good morningGod morgon
God nightGod natt
You are welcomeDu är välkommen



The study, even at a basic level, of the language will come in handy during the period of Traineeship which I will participate in studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology since September. During this time you will develop a master’s thesis on computational biomechanics.

Clearly the knowledge of the Swedish mother tongue, in addition to English, will allow me a better communication and a better stay. This also allows you to travel and move more consciously.


I decided to program the study in a different way. Of course the study activitiy will also see a real practical part once in Stockholm.

For now I am following a course on the platform Udemy where different phrases and examples of speeches are presented for the most common situations. Flanked by a study of grammar and language more generally on some textbooks.

All this is accompanied by the infinite amount of information present on Youtube both as video courses or videos more aimed at education, and through less demanding videos such as simple vlogs.