I just finished the “Project Management: Healthcare Projects” course held by Bob McGannon on the Linkedin Learning platform. The course allowed me to deepen and refine my skills in operational management by focusing on the field of health care.


Project management

With “project management” we mean the set of activities carried out in the analysis, design, planning and therefore realization of a project. The project is managed by analyzing its characteristics and all phases of implementation so that it is possible to respect all the project constraints.

It is defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide of the Project Management Institute as:

The application of knowledge, attitudes, tools and techniques to the activities of a project in order to achieve its objectives.

This is followed by the figure of the project manager, or the one who focuses on coordinating the various components and all the people involved. He monitors the progress of the project constantly in order to minimize the chances of the project failing.


Healthcare projects see further complications due to the particularity of their needs and the challenges they encounter including problems due to the processing of personal data, privacy management and numerous very stringent regulatory constraints.

Therefore, within the course specific approaches are examined to define the different project objectives and plan the activities in such a way as to better manage the people involved. Then the course then focuses on minimizing the risks of the challenges common to the medical sector.

Esempi pratici

In addition, there are also four short simulations that propose a real scenario with different problems to which a solution must be found, a possible one is then proposed:

  • Concern of interested parties
  • Concern about the effectiveness of purchased equipment
  • Local emergencies and changes in priorities
  • Sudden change of purpose and budget

In particular, a case study and various risk management plans are dealt with. For example:

Risk record example
Ref No.Risk DescriptionImpactOwner NameRisk Response TypeRisk Response
1.Concerns surface from hospital stakeholders due to a lack of,
or inconsistent, communication on project direction or status.
Medium to HighProject ManagerMitigationHold stakeholder project information sessions as full details of the project are being finalized.Hold review sessions prior to each equipment installation event —with hospital staff as a whole in the affected area of each installation.Prior to any subsequent installation, hold a lessons-learned session with hospital staff and apply those insights to future installations.
2.Project is delayed due to concerns surfaced by regulatory agency representatives.HighProject ManagerMitigationConduct an early assessment of the regulatory impacts of the new equipment via discussion with the vendor. If needed, hire a consultant to work with the project on regulatory planning and communication.
3.Concerns surface around the feasibility of equipment installation plans.MediumProject ManagerMitigationSchedule workshops to create expanded step-by-step installation plans, involving hospital personnel.Review output of those workshops with project team, including equipment vendor personnel and tech teams.

We also proceed with a practical example of programming, entering into the details, programming the individual activities up to an example of a report.

project schedule