I took the “Image Processing” digital image processing course on the Mathworks online platform. The course provides some algorithms and techniques to highlight the salient features of the images so that they can subsequently be classified and analyzed.


Image processing

The best known type of digital image elaboration is editing or photo retouching, which can be done using special software. Basically, image editing is all about altering the original image. The processing starts from the fact that raster images are stored as arrays of pixels, each of which contains the color and brightness of the point. Photo editing programs allow a user to change these values by manually indicating which operations must be performed.

Digital image elaboration allows for the use of much more complex algorithms. Hence, they can offer both more performance in simple tasks, and methods of application that would be impossible with analog means. In particular, digital image processing is the only practical technology to achieve:

  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Feature extraction
  • Pattern recognition
  • Edge detection
  • Segmentation

In the field of digital images, there are also other advanced techniques, which make it possible to obtain higher resolutions through super-resolution techniques, or the reconstruction of missing parts, with inpainting techniques.