I finished the MATLAB Fundamentals course. The course is much more advanced than the “Onramp” courses and includes several tests to hone your skills in using the software. We proceed with a project to refine the skills of data processing, modeling and programming.


What is MATLAB ?

MATLAB (short for Matrix Laboratory) is an environment for numerical computation and statistical analysis written in C, which also includes the programming language of the same name created by MathWorks. The software allows you to manipulate matrices, view functions and data, implement algorithms, create user interfaces, and interface with other programs. Although it specializes in numerical computation, an optional toolbox interfaces with Maple’s symbolic computation engine. It is used by millions of people in industry and universities due to its many tools to support the most diverse applied fields of study and runs on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, GNU / Linux and Unix.


This code, taken from the function magic.m, creates a magic square M for odd values of n.

[J,I] = meshgrid(1:n); 
A = mod(I+J-(n+3)/2,n); 
B = mod(I+2*J-2,n); 
M = n*A + B + 1;

for example, for n = 3 we get:

M =

8     1     6     
3     5     7     
4     9     2


The software is used in many fields such as the design of self-driving systems, computational biology, control systems, deep learning, image processing, IoT, machine learining, Mechatronics, signal processing.