Alessandro Mastrofini
Biomedical Engineer
Technical Skills:

Engineering. Problem solving. CAD. Mathematics. Time management. Project management.

Soft Skills:

Interpersonal skills. Collaboration. Efficiency. Critical thinking.


MS Office. Wolfram Mathematica. AceFEM. Matlab and Simulink. Solidworks. Geomagic RE. Multisim. Zotero Research Manager. Obsidian. Notion. LaTex and Markdown editor. GitHub. Inkscape. Adobe Graphics Suite. Wordpress. App Inventor. Coding basis of: Phyton, C++, Arduino, Processing, SQL, HTML.


Italian. English.


Wikipedia, contributor user.

Distribution of handouts from an online platform and from the local bookseller.

Close Up Engineering06/2021 - 10/2021

Author of technical and informative articles about engineering and medicine topics.

Project specialist
Termo Clima Service4/2021 - 9/2021

Development of a monitoring system for environmental conditions integrated with home automation platforms. Development an Arduino based monitoring unit for solar thermal system to automate remote control.

Skilled worker.

UI/UX Designer
Leto Informatics2017 - 2019

Web designer.

Home automation specialist.

Master in Medical Engineering
University of Rome Tor Vergata2020-now
Bachelor in Medical Engineering
University of Rome Tor Vergata2016-2020
Academic Project